Friday, May 7, 2010

Wonderland Table Cloth

95% of the things I make are sold or given away, so when I discovered Wonderland by Momo, I fell completely in love and said, this is going in my house. So I bought a jelly roll and a layer cake, and dreamt for months of what I'd use them for. Then on my birthday last year I cut into my jelly roll and made a quilt to hang over our very ugly unused front door. (I'll have to talk about that one another day when I get some decent pictures.)

Then the other day I got inspired to make a tablecloth with the layer cake, so I cut it into 5" squares and lined it with flannel rather than batting, which makes for a perfect drapey tablecloth.
I used an aqua flat sheet that I bought at Target when we were in the States a while a go. (Why didn't I buy more?) Although I hesitate to use sheets in quilts that I sell, it works perfectly when I want something cheap, and when I'm not in the mood to piece the back.

So I'm totally in love with this tablecloth, even though it ends up in a heap on the floor about 15 times a day (and that is NOT an exageration) My toddler thinks it's the neatest thing to go under the table and pull the table cloth down, pretending he's closing his garage door. And my husband thinks it's very impractical and always asks "Am I supposed to eat on this thing, or take it off?" But it's made cleaning up lunch fun, cause I can't wait to wipe the table and put this happy hunk of textiles back on the table and give it a little stroke and pat before I walk away.


  1. Love your new blog! And the tablecloth thing....When we were kids we had dinner with a fresh tablecloth every day. It contributes to very happy childhood memories of being nurtured and nourished. It made dinnertime so special and made us feel special. Now I do it too, every day. Love the one you made.

  2. so awesome to see this fabric being USED. mine sits lovingly on the book shelf!

  3. wow! that's so simple with just squares but totally beautiful. i love the sheet backing too - it's a great shade and very cost effective. gosh i want one!


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