Friday, May 28, 2010

Ramblings During Naptime

So many quilters talk of their many WIP's stacked in perilous heaps and stopping mid-project to start a new one.  Because many of my quilts are made to sell or as gifts, I find I don't have this luxury.  My mind is constantly boiling over with new ideas for quilts, but it seems there's always another one I need to be finishing up.  

Anyways, just last night I got completely caught up on orders, so I attacked the pile of three quilt tops that were making me extremely nervous just sitting there and making little whistles and calls in my direction.

This first one is a actually a top I bought from Cluck Cluck Sew's  Etsy shop.  She decided to sell the top for fire-sale price, so I thought it was a cute little thing, and snatched it up.  (Not to mention being made by a quilting celebrity!)
 I used a Snippets print by American Jane for the back and stippled it for a sweet vintage looking baby quilt.

Next I grabbed a top that I pieced from my scraps awhile back, and although I'm not totally in love with it anymore, I'm forcing myself to finish it.  I know that once I pull it out of the dryer all crinkly and warm, I'll like it again.

Here's a sneak peak of the front.  It uses some tiny strips of pink from my scrap bin and lots of Kona Ash.

Here I am at my design wall, piecing the back.  I wasn't sure I was liking this layout, so I took a picture of it, then took a picture with the scooters on top and birdies in the middle and liked that better.  I find that it's very worthwhile to take a picture of layouts on my design wall and then go look at it on my computer.  It's amazing how you see it different in a picture that in real life.  Some of those little things like two red blocks right next to each other, can just pop out at you in a picture.

So here's my final layout which I like better.  Don't ask me why.  And we hope the quilting-washing-shrinking genie sprinkles his magic dust on this one and makes it turn out cute.  (I left parts of my messy sewing room in, just for your viewing pleasure.)


  1. Well, for starters, I think your sewing room is adorable with all that cute blue/aqua you've got going on there.

    Second, I am very fond of the Computer As Layout Evaluator strategy, myself. Sometimes just seeing something on my camera's viewscreen when reviewing photos is enough!

  2. I know what you mean about the computer - I discovered this when I was taking a pic of a quilt I made as a gift for my niece. Looking at it on the computer, lo and behold I discovered I had pieced her initials (HH) into the backing! Serendipitous!!

    BTW, I think both of those quilts are going to be just adorable!

  3. I really like this; tell you what, just pass it this way if you don't like the finished product...:)


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