Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everybody's So Nice

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who's commented here. I'm just blown away that anybody has stopped here at all. I started this blog because I thought it looked like fun and as a way to see my progress and what I'm working on. The fact that I'm getting feedback and the chance to interact with others who share my interests is such a cool bonus. Anyways, I need to figure out how to reply to individual comments. Guess I'll go find my friend "Help" again. ( I'm SO dumb when it comes to some of this stuff, yet it gives me a giddy feeling when I can actually figure it out by myself without asking my husband!)
On a different topic here, I just love actual photos of fabric, as opposed to flat swatches that you see in online shops. For me it give more of an actual feel for what the fabric looks like, and of course makes it way more tempting to buy. For example, I've been eyeing the Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow fabric and and loving it, but stayed firm so far. Then I saw this picture, and weakened almost to the point of buying some.
Besides that, I just love seeing other people's stash. It's just so pretty. I'm thinking I should make a quilt that looks like shelves with stacks of bright colors. Hmmm...

Somebody please invent more hours in the day. Or else discover a robot who will cook, clean, and fold laundry so that I can spend all my time reading stories to the kids, going for walks and making every quilt that pops into my head.


  1. I do sometimes wish I had a robot like Rosie from the Jetsons, especially when it's time to wash the dishes!

  2. this fabric looks lovely...I wish I had a robot too, I hate folding laundry

  3. I wish for the same thing.
    I love pictures of stacks of fabric. I have lots of them. It's fun to go back and see what they looked like before they became a quilt.

  4. You can get an email every time someone comments by going to customize, settings, comments, and at the bottom where it says comment notification email you can add your email address so every time someone replies to you it sends you an email and you can reply right back to them in the same email...hope this helps :)

  5. Love your fabrics! I could honestly look at pictures of fabric all day long...

    Jennifer :)

  6. Ditto to what AllieKatMom said. Check the email box.

    From one fabric junkie to another... Nice Stash! : )

  7. oh i definitely agree! i could sit on flickr and look at everyones pics for hours! in fact, found your beautiful hope valley stack there, linked over, saw that i signed up for your fabulous hope valley giveaway, and now you are stuck with me! i added you to my google reader!


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