Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Love Asterisks

I joined the Fresh Modern Bee and June was our first month.  Jennifer asked us to make asterisk blocks.  This is the first Bee I have taken part in, and I've already learned some new things.

1.  ALWAYS make a test block first.

2.  Wild and wacky ideas may not turn out exactly as envisioned.

3.  Some one else is going to see the back side of your quilt block.  Eeeek!

4.  You may discover a new block design that you would have never made otherwise, but now you'd like to 20 more.

So here are the fabrics that arrived in my mailbox.  (I LOVED working with these bright happy colors)  Green Floral from Erin McMorris Park Slope line, Black Ta Dot from Micheal Miller, and another geometric print from Micheal Miller.  I can't remember that name and am too lazy to look it up.

I made my sample block first.  It's the first photo, pulled from the scrap bin.  So, I thought 'this is easy, let's dive right in'.  I had all kinds of ideas, since my crazy brain rarely lets me follow directions to the letter.  Jennifer gave us room to make different sizes and varietions,  so I thought a few tiny asterisks floating on black polka dots would be cute.

This block was fun, although I made it yesterday, so I think I've almost forgotten the small moments of frustration!

Here is where things went downhill a bit.  I had the crazy idea to make a shadow on the asterisk and never thought about potential design problems.  This one almost didn't make the cut, but after a bit of ripping and extra piecing, I think it will be OK.  Thankfully, this picture seems to disguise the tiny seams and problem areas.

This morning I made two more simple blocks from the left-over fabrics.  This one is 6.5".

and this one is 3.5".  It reminds me of a little black long-legged spider.

Here's the whole family.  Daddy, Mommy, Big Sister and Little Brother Asterisk.

Here's Daddy Asterisk picking some Lilacs for the table.

Here's Mommy Asterisk making supper.

Here's Big Sister climbing into the toy box.

Little Brother's doing a chin-up on the old milk can in the front yard.

I hope Jennifer likes these blocks.  It was so much fun making them, and I can't wait to see what next month holds!

On another note, I won a giveaway in SewMamaSew's big giveaway day.

Four coaster made from the lovely FMF and Katie Jump Rope.  I can't seem to get my sticky little fingers on too much of this coveted fabric, so now I can at least look at these lovelies everyday.  

They're way too pretty to hide under any old mugs of coffee, so I hung them in my dining room, and am loving their square beauty.  My husband noticed them right away and commented that he like them there.

They are beautifully made and give such a fun look to this boring corner.  They come from Sue and I highly recommend that you check out her blog for some great quilting inspiration.


  1. Beautiful photography! Of course the pretty blocks help out a lot :)

  2. oh yah they finally arrived, I was beginning to think a postal worker loved fmf!!!!
    Love your blocks btw.

  3. I love your blocks, and the little coasters hanging on the wall are the bomb! What a great idea for a small corner!

  4. Love the coasters hanging on the wall!! Your blocks look great!

  5. Your blocks are amazing, must get a move on with mine! Lucky you with the coasters and they look great on the wall! M x

  6. What a fun post. I liked your pictures of the family around the house LOL! Big sister is my fav.

  7. This post was really fun, and great photography too!


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