Monday, July 19, 2010


I looked out the window yesterday afternoon and the first thing I noticed was the perfectly overcast lighting.  I grabbed my camera, and one of my older quilts, and headed out for a practice photo shoot.

Can you tell this quilt has been washed a few times?

Trick on the deer!  These little rosebuds amazingly went undetected.

I made this quilt when I was 19, entirely out of scraps from the local quilt shop where I worked.  There's a few fabrics in there that still make me cringe, but as a whole, it works amazingly well.  Just goes to show that almost any fabrics can go together!  And I added a purple border to this long before purple was even thinking about being cool again!  Six years ago, I thought purple was just so hideously nineties, but somehow it seemed right on this quilt.  Now, it's in again, and I'm wondering what to do with my tiny purple fabric stash.  Like one fat quarter!  I think you'd agree that's reason to buy up. 

 I'll admit that I'm not just loving it yet, but when I made this block,

I fell in love with the bright green and purple combo.  (Oops, I guess I have two fat quarters in my purple stash.  I forgot about the Amy Butler Water Bouquet in Midnight.  And the two others were tiny scraps in my bin still from my quilt shop days)

I'm thinking bright purple with emerald green is needing to be paired up in a future quilt.


  1. Wow! You made that quilt when you were 19!! It's stunning.

    Great the tree shot!

  2. Just absolutely beautiful! I love that quilt!

  3. Your pictures loook great! I have a huge collection of purples and greens waiting to be made into a quilt, they have always been my favorite colors!

  4. Really gorgeous pictures. Lately I have been obsessing on photography and how my really nice camera won't let the background blur...

  5. I'm so impressed you made this when you were only 19! It just goes to show that you don't need "designer" prints to make a beautiful quilt. Great colors and design.

  6. That quilt is beautiful, and if you've been taking photography classes, they're paying off! The first shot, especially, is very nice! What kind of thread do you use to quilt your quilts? It looks heavier than what I use and I like the look....

  7. I saw your quilt on Flickr so popped over to see more.I'm amazed that this is one of your old quilts- it looks so fresh and fabulous. Your photos are fantastic, I especially love the first one.

  8. Your photos look great! And the quilt is beautiful too. Overcast days are the best for quilt pictures...

    I'm not much of a green person but I really like the purple and green combo. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Jennifer :)

  9. Seriously NEED to make that quilt!!! Do you know the pattern? Huh huh huh? :D

    I love it so much!!!! You have my address...can you just send it to me? LOL

  10. I love that quilt and like everybody else said the pictures are lovely!! I mostly like that you can see that it is a well loved quilt and not just for show. Amazing colors!!!

  11. Where can I get a pattern for your quilt?!!! I need it, love it, want to make one for myself!!!!

  12. that is one awesome quilt and I too love it - will you share the name of the pattern ?


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