Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fabric Finds

I've mentioned this before, but is it only me that prefers to see an actual 'photo' of a fabric, rather than the swatch that shows up in an online store?  I find so often that seeing a photo of a fabric on a blog or Flickr gives me more of an idea if I like it.  Even so, I find that a fabric that I fell in love with just from seeing it on a computer screen, is only so-so in real life.  On the other hand,  I end up loving a fabric that I bought by mistake.  It just makes me weep thinking of all the fabric out there that I would potentially LOVE, if I could only see it in real life!  (Insert evil laugh from my husband)

So anyways, since I just received a large package of fabric, I thought I'd give you a few of my opinions.

First up is Valori Wells Nest Berries:

'Nest' is her newest collection, and I'm surprised that I haven't heard or read more about it, although I do believe she has an interview in this new issue of Fat Quarterly.  None of the other prints from this collection jumped out at me as 'must haves', but this print I fell deeply in love with.  I bought some in three of the four colorways,  (there's an orange too)  This did not disappoint.  My favorite is the white with pink.  It's just so simple and whimsical.

Next, I'm going to mention the middle fabric in this photo.

This is Freebird by Momo.  If you need chocolate brown in your stash, you can't go wrong with this one.  Such a cool modern design and a very nice shade of brown too.

Another collection that I'm surprised more shops aren't carrying is Boys will be Boys by David Walker.  When I saw this line in the Coming Soon section of Fat Quarter Shop,  I knew I'd be getting some.  Those little puppies remind me a bit of Heather Ross.  

This one is 'Spa' by Rosemary Lavin.  This is the only print I bought from this line.  I wanted more, but that envelope was full!  This is a great print as well that I would definitely recommend.

So was there any duds in this package?  Actually I think I was pretty happy with everything I ordered.  My only slight disappointment was these Michael Miller hearts.  In real life, the oranges were a bit more faded and neon colored, rather than rich and warm like I was imagining.  But they'll still be cute in a little girls quilt, so overall I'm very happy with my purchase.


  1. I think they are great!! I love those freebird prints and they are on my list of must haves!

  2. Yes, totally agree with seeing a photo of the fabric rather than a swatch. I haven't bought fabric online yet for this very reason--I like to go to the shop and actually see and feel the fabrics.

  3. Thanks for the photographs - yes, they do so much better than a swatch! I too really like Valori's berries. Just used them for a bee block, actually.

    I like the hearts :)

  4. I didn't get that freebird print in brown. I should have....and I have been VERY disappointed with fabric because it just looks so different than I had it pictured in my head...but buying online is just so convenient for me. So I take my chances and most of the time it balances itself out.

  5. I very much appreciate your 'reviews' and photos of fabric. I do most of my browsing online too and it's amazing how different a fabric can be - especially in the scale of the print.

  6. Yes, I like to see the fabric in real life before I buy it. The colours can be misleading (unintentionally) and I really can't judge the scale of a print from a picture. (Although that's more my problem rather than the seller's.) I do buy over the internet, but I tend to buy things I've seen in real life or to complete a range that I already have.

  7. Yes, I really like seeing pics of the fabric especially large ones like yours. I have to buy all my fabric on-line -- no good fabric store nearby. Currently I'm trying to buy fabrics for a
    quilt in a color combo I can picture in my mind but when I get the fabrics at home -- they don't look right together(I've spent a fortune)! I need to start looking on blogs and flickr for pics!

  8. oh I know what you mean about buying fabric online. I really often buy fabric when I see someone else use it in real life.


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