Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Love

A quilt-as-you-go has been on my list of things to try for a looong time.  I read that Heather would be starting a new quilt along with this method, and maybe that was what inspired me to try it now.  I was hesitant to make a big quilt right away, because I wasn't sure how if I would like a finished quilt done this way.  Would it be soft and cozy, or would it be stiff because of the dense quilting?  And I could never be sure how to do the backing so it wouldn't look funny.  I was concerned about the difference in shrinkage from front to back.  Because of the dense quilting on the front, I thought it would shrink quite a bit more than the back, and thus give the back a funny loose look.

So I started out making 12.5" blocks and decided to do a 3 block grid to make a small baby quilt.  Let me tell you.  These blocks are FUN!  Talk about instant  gratification.  I disciplined myself to use ONLY fabrics from my scraps, and I just love the bright funky look of all these clashing colors together.

I also had the brilliant idea (we'll see!) of using a non-prewashed flannel for the back.  I'm not a pre-washer, but I always pre-wash flannels, because they shrink more than cottons.  So I thought this might work out nicely since hopefully the heavily quilted front, and the unwashed flannel will shrink a similar amount.  I'll let you know how this works out.  And I'm so hoping that this quilt passes the snuggly baby quilt test, because I want to make more like this!

And does anyone recognize that chocolate brown owl print?  I had this one tiny piece that I received in a scrap pack that I bought once.  I always thought it was really  cute, but now it hit me that it would be PERFECT for some of my friend's babies.  Somehow I think it's exactly up their alley.  I'm having a bit of a hard time finding it since I have no idea of the designer or manufacturer.  Or maybe it's a JoAnn's special!  I found some on Flickr that a lady wanted to swap, but I haven't heard back from her...  Oh the joy of the hunt!


  1. Oh, so glad you are doing this! Can't wait to hear how it works out for you. I've considered the sew along myself, but I really don't have the right project for it right now. Your quilt is adorable. It all comes from having such great scraps!

  2. I've been wanting to try this technique myself and went so far as cutting up some batting squares. Alas ... that is as far as I got but you've inspired me to get going! This quilt looks great and I'm anxious to hear how it came together with the back. You've got some great fabric in there and I hope you track down that owl print. It's adorable!

  3. I love this quilt, it is just so bright and colorful. I'm definitely inspired to make a bigger one for my family.

  4. That looks great so far! I've always been confused by the backing and how that will work out, too.

  5. These are such cute blocks. I have some questions about the process because I read Heather's post and I think I really want to try this. You sew the individual blocks, machine quilt and then sew the blocks together?

    And that owl fabric is adorable. Hope you can locate some more...

  6. This came out looking great! I'd love to see the back...:)

  7. these blocks certainly are instant gratification aren't they.
    I just started a scrappy one a few days ago, I'm loving it.

  8. I believe the fabric you are looking for is this: I got it at JoAnn's LAST summer and it must have been a big seller b/c I was never able to find it again (after checking several stores). I definitely should have bought more! :(


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